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Vending Machine Hire Melbourne


A Plus Vending - Drinks Vending Machine Bev Max Media Crane

Free machine, installation and service.
Cold drinks in cans or bottles.
Choice of drinks.



A Plus Vending - Snacks Vending Machine

Free machine, installation and service.
Snacks & Food.
Choice of healthy or popular items.



A Plus Vending - Combo AMS Vending Machine

Free machine, installation and service.
Snacks & Drinks.
Choice of healthy or popular items.



Optimize Your Vending Machines to Stock Healthy Drinks & Snacks

Snack & Drink Vending Machine Suppliers in Melbourne

From the choice of most popular snacks and drinks to a fully-functional vending machine, we at A Plus Vending are the leading vending machine suppliers in Melbourne who are renowned for their high-quality customer assistance and products delivery. Our snack and drink vending machines are installed in various offices and public places in Melbourne helping people win against hunger with ease. We have a wide range of food varieties which might interest you, and if you are a healthy food enthusiast, we have great options in that respect too. From installation to service, we do it all for satisfying your requirements.

Vending Machine Hire Melbourne

Vending machine hire in Melbourne is now made easier than ever with the best in the business working hard to provide you with high-quality products and services at affordable prices. At A Plus Vending, we prioritise your needs and offer you a package which will work well for you and your firm. From colleges and gyms to workplaces and factories, our fully-functional vending machines are installed all over Melbourne. We also offer healthier alternatives to the already favourite drinks and snacks to keep your employees happy and energised all day. With a free consultation regarding vending machines in Melbourne, you get free installation too, so get your quote today!

Snack Vending Machines Melbourne

A Plus Vending is the master of supplying high-end snack vending machines in Melbourne for public use. Whether it’s a snacks machine, drinks machine or a combo machine, our experienced engineers ensure that every machine being installed operates to the best of its capacity for a satisfying experience. We offer free snack vending machine installation followed by on-site assistance to all our clients. We also provide high-quality snack and drink varieties along with their healthier alternatives so you can be sure that everyone around you is eating excellent quality food. For more information, get in touch with us today.

Drink Vending Machines Melbourne

Get that thirst off your nerves by reaching out to your office drink vending machine and grab a drink to rejuvenate and refresh yourself with ease. However, the only glitch that can ruin this satisfying scenario is that you are still thirsty but there is no vending machine around. Well, if such is the case, then get in touch with us at A Plus Vending, and we’ll install a vending machine to make your life easier. Our high tech drink vending machines in Melbourne are reliable and highly popular. With quick service, we provide a variety of payment options as well to ensure comfort for your employees.


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Snacks, Drinks or Combo Vending Machines

Reliable, High Tech, Smart Machines for Snacks, Food & Drinks
  • Cash or Cashless options
  • Tap To Go, Pay Pass, Apple Pay, EftPOS, Credit/Debit card, Smartphone
  • Customised vending products
  • Remote Monitoring for better service and maintenance
  • Quick service response time 1-4 hrs
What Our Vending Machine Clients Say

Factory in Bayside Melbourne

Combo vending machine is popular with our staff. Great service from A-Plus Vending!


College in South East Melbourne

The combo machines stocked with healthy snacks & drinks are a hit with students as availability is 24/7.

Caravan Park in South East Melbourne

The snack and drink machines are ideal for our caravan customers. Thank you for keeping them well-stocked up!

Retirement Village in Northern Suburbs Melbourne

Thanks to A-Plus Vending for efficient service, sensitive to the needs of our aged community.

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