FAQs of Vending Machine Services


Which vending machine is suitable for my organisation?

It depends on the number of people, your selection of vending products and the available space to site the vending machine.

What organisations do you service?

Colleges, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, gyms, factories, offices, clubs, call centres and more.

How much does it cost?

Vending machines are installed and serviced for free.
You just need to pay for the product you intend to buy from the machine.

What type of vending machines do you offer?

A-Plus Vending supplies snack machines, drink machines or combination (combo) snack and drink vending machines.

Do you vend healthy snacks and drinks or products which are not in the list?

Yes – tell us what you need and we’ll source healthy products for you.
Our healthy product list is a standard one – we will customise according to your needs.

Do your vending machines take both coins and notes and give change?


Do your vending machines take credit cards?


What happens if the machine run out of products or breaks down?

Call us on 0432 279 833 or lodge an online service call.

What happens if the vending machines are vandalised?

Call us on 0432 279 833 or lodge an online service call.

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